The following prices are informational estimates. You will be given a range of pricing after the initial phone interview, and a firm price at 1st groom appointment prior to the service. I will never ask for additional money upon the return of your pet, even if it takes me longer than originally estimated. My pricing is all-inclusive of everything your pet may need, with the exception of a flea treatment.


*Ask about our special pricing for multiple pets at one location!*
Our Full Spa service includes our signature massaging Spa Bath, Mandarin Facial, Teeth Brushing, ear cleaning/plucking, Nail Trim, plus a full-body haircut to suit your pet’s breed, personality, or lifestyle.
Small (Under 20lbs) – $90
Medium (Under 35lbs) – $90-$115
Large (Over 35lbs) – $120-160+
X-large – Cannot accommodate


Mini Spa Service Our Mini Spa service includes our signature massaging Spa Bath, Mandarin Facial, Teeth Brushing, ear cleaning, complete brush and blow dry, Nail Trim, plus light trimming, feet, sanitary area, and paw pads if necessary.
Small – $80
Medium $80-$90
Large $95-130+
X-large – Cannot accommodate


Please Note: Mini Spa services are not available if your pet is matted. Mini Spa services are meant for very short-haired dogs that do not require a haircut.

*(LG Breed pricing depends on size and thickness of coat)

*Discounted pricing for multiple dogs at the same location or neighborhood.

Cash or Check
5% will be added to the total for Credit Card transactions.


Price Stipulations

Our prices are based on pets that have a healthy coat and skin. To maintain a healthy coat and skin, pets should be professionally groomed at a minimum of every 4-6 weeks.

Matted pets will be charged additional fees due to the time and product it may take to complete the spa service.

• We do not charge extra for nail filing, conditioner, premium shampoo, or teeth brushing. We ALWAYS include what we BELIEVE to be the best for your pet.

Fuel Charge may be added to the price of services depending on the location. The charge is usually $10 – $25. This charge only applies if you are out of the normal service area. You will be notified of this during the initial phone interview if a charge applies.

FLEA Charge of $10-20 (depending on the size of dog/hair) will be added if the dog has fleas. Special flea shampoo is used and must stay on the dog for at least five minutes, then the dog is re-bathed in a soothing shampoo, then conditioner. We also use a frontline (SPRAY) product to kill any fleas that may be in the van / spa so other clients will not be at risk. This process takes time and the product is expensive. Please notify groomer if you think your dog has fleas prior to spa day so options can be discussed before the appointment. Fleas are usually not an issue if you have your pets on monthly flea prevention.

***The Flea Bath will only kill the fleas that are on the dog at the time of the groom. Our Flea treatments are NOT a flea prevention. The treatment only helps reduce the number of living fleas on the animal. MONTHLY FLEA PREVENTION is highly recommended and is the best way to keep your dog flea-free and healthy.

Please note that all pricing is approximate, based on coat condition, etc. You will be given a firm price prior to the groomimg.